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I have a list of data in my javascript function I need to pass the same to a struts2 iterator tag

$(document).ready(function () {
 jQuery.each(array, function(i,value) {
 .///code to pass data to iterator

I have the following iterator:

<s:iterator value="" id="" >

give the necessary chnges needed in my js fn an the iterator

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1 Answer

JS executes on the client. Struts2 tags execute on the server and are used to render the page. Once the page is rendered it is sent to the client which then executes the JS and never is aware of how the page was created.

If you want to put a block of text, JS included into a variable you can do this with the struts2 set tag, like so:

<s:set name="myCode" value="'JS CODE GOES HERE'"/> //Note the inner quotes in the value attribute these are important

With this done you can insert the content with: <s:property value="#myCode"/>

However... with that out of the way you probably don't really want to do this, what you want to do is have your JS applied to every <td> element (or every first one). This can be entirely done with JS. It can help to apply class attributes with values that let your jQuery target what you are trying to change. I also strongly recommend reading a little about Unobtrusive JavaScript.

In the future it is not advisable to mix JS (client) and Struts2 (server side) questions as you should be easily able to partition the question in a way that insulates each group from the other and makes it easier for us to give and for you to get answers.

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