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First off, this is intended as some research for a future application.

I want to be able to extract the coeficients from a c header file that is generated by the matlab fdatool.

fdatool settings

I have used the above settings for the fdatool and then I generated the following c header file:

As I understand it I can implement a filter from this by using a direct form difference equation. I believe the equation to be y(n) = b0x(n) + b1x(n–1) + b2x(n–2) – a1y(n–1) – a2y(n–2)

where the b0-b2 coeficents are the zeroes and the a1-a2 coeficients are the poles.

The problem here is that I'm not entirely sure what is what in the header file and this information seems surprisingly hard to find which probably means I'm missing something really obvious...

Here is the information I think I've been able to extract:

  • filter is made up from 3 biquad sections.
  • the coefficients for section 1 are:
    • b0:0.129355475306511
    • b1:-1.997004866600037
    • b2:1.000000000000000
    • a1:-1.995552659034729
    • a2:0.996141731739044
  • the coefficients for section 2 are:
    • b0:0.129355475306511
    • b1:-1.999969959259033
    • b2:1.000000000000000
    • a1:-1.997882604598999
    • a2:0.998035132884979
  • the coefficients for section 3 are:
    • b0:0.011426069773734
    • b1:0.000000000000000
    • b2:-1.000000000000000
    • a1:-1.993502736091614
    • a2:0.993802070617676


  1. Is my difference equation suitable for use with the coeficients in the header file?
  2. Is the information I extracted from the header file correct?
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I have this distinct feeling I'm almost right on top of the solution, but I somehow can't see it... – Gurba Apr 24 '12 at 15:35

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Looking at the screen shot you appear to be using Direct Form II biquad sections (aka Canonical Form) - see Wikipedia page: and note the difference equations for Direct Form II (you seem to be using the difference equation for Direct Form I above).

enter image description here

enter image description here

Note that the w terms are not labelled on the diagram on the Wikipedia page but they are the delayed terms in the middle.

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this seems to have been the problem... can't quite believe I missed something that obvious.. – Gurba Apr 25 '12 at 11:41

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