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I'm using hibernate to insert some rows but I don't know if I'm doing well...

My enity has a foreign key and i know its id, I can't understand if I need the referenced object or just the id. I how there is a way to do this because it is not useful getting the referenced object just for insert.

I want to do this:

en=new MyEntity();

Seems i have to do this:

en=new MyEntity();
refObj=getSession().get(RefObject.class, "1"); //unuseful
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Hibernate provides a special method for this use case - load(). It returns a proxy with the given id without hitting the database:

en.setForeignVal(getSession().load(RefObject.class, "1")); 
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Thank you... the verb "load" is exactly what i did not want :-) –  Tobia Apr 24 '12 at 15:44
Just a note that load() will return an initialized entity in cases when a) you have lazy="false" for the whole class in your mapping b) you use a bytecode enhancement mechanism instead of proxies. –  ctapobep Apr 24 '12 at 16:24

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