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Anyone know of any webservice that provides calculations of special functions? For example, let's say my (unsophisticated) client needs to compute the Modified Bessel Function of Order zero at a list of x-values. I can write them some C or Python code to do that but they might find that a little scary. They would rather type it into a webpage. So I could write them a simple webapp. But then I wondered, doesn't such a thing already exist?

Anyone know of any? If not, someone should create it.

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Who is "they", and isn't this what libraries are for? What is the motivation/business case for some cloud service to heat their own silicon, computing your answers? –  Novak Apr 28 '12 at 14:29

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Wolfram Alpha is the website you are looking for, it can compute compute almost everything you want. It was created by the people who created Mathematica.

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