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I am a Java, Scala, Python web app Linux guy. I want to play around with Mono (particularly F#) for web development.

I am just looking for an example web application written in Mono perhaps in Github (any CLI language is fine). I have tried googling and cannot find a good starting point (or if its even possible).

From what I gather I could sort of combine:

  • Fast CGI (nginx, lighttpd)
  • Mono
  • Spring framework .NET (I can't even tell if it will work on Mono)

Advanced apologies if there is a glaringly obvious resource (web site) that I missed.

(useful site: http://www.tryfsharp.org/Resources/GetMono.aspx)

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Not a Linux guy, but have you considered WebSharper? It seems to be the preferred choice for F# web development. Alternatively, you could put the logic in an F# lib and reference that from a C# ASP.NET/MVC project. –  Daniel Apr 24 '12 at 16:28
I did see that a while ago when it was younger. I need to check if it works on mono. F# is totally bad ass. I like it better than Scala. –  Adam Gent Apr 24 '12 at 17:19
afaik there are some issues with spring.net for mono; see the bug tracker, with an issue "add mono support". –  Marijn Apr 24 '12 at 17:29

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To get F# dev environment for Mac/Linux setup:

For Ubuntu 12.04 specifically:

To Get Fsharp to work with MonoDevelop 2.6 or greater you have to use one of forks of:

Nancy looks like a good URL routing option which is all I really need:

And for F# Mono stuff for Nancy including Djano templating:

You can use the command line NuGet install tool (which is basically like Javascripts npm or Java's maven):

Once I install the Fsharp Powerpack I should have in theory LINQ to use for persistence.

And If Nancy does not work out there appears to be a standard called OWIN (it appears to be analogous to Python's WSGI).

Other OWIN compliant projects: http://owin.org/#projects


Looks like ServiceStack has some good stuff also and seems to be gaining some traction. In terms of Mono you mainly want to look at daemon doc.

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Check out XSP (about halfway down this page)

Mono & ASP.NET

And besides WebSharper which Daniel mentioned there's also Bistro.

Hope that helps.

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That does help. I feel dumb for not finding that page on the Mono site. –  Adam Gent Apr 24 '12 at 17:22
I may have to just roll my own with XSP. Maybe I can get Spring.NET to had some persistence support. –  Adam Gent Apr 24 '12 at 17:32

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