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I'd like to show a social network on a map, but I have no experience with mapping APIs.

I think its fairly straightforward to plot a long/lat on, say, Google Maps.
But then if that point needs to have contacts fanning out from it, with lines indicating the network, this could be harder.

Can anyone recommend a library/API that can do this already?
I specifically need one that can render lots of lines and points (edges and nodes) very nicely, and can zoom in on them.

I'm very competent in Python, Django and JavaScript so could make a new open-source library to do this, but thought I should check first if one already exists! If not, I'm thinking of creating a mashup perhaps between neo4j and d3's Force-directed graph.

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So, in Javascript a very competent library is OpenLayers, see for instance the GeoJSON example, which should not be hard to implement. There are others, liek GoogleMaps etc.

I like your alias. Smells XKCD.

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