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I have a question regarding maven.

I have got Unit Tests which have file name ending with *Test and integration test whose file name ends with *IT.

My understanding is that surefire will run the unit test and failsafe will run the integration test.

When I run: mvn clean install

Both unit test and integration tests are run.

When I run:

mvn verify

Both of these tests are run too.

Is there anyway I can configure maven so that when I use: mvn clean install, only the unit tests are run. And when I use mvn verify, only integration tests are run?

My build section of POM is as follows:




Many thanks

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Since the verify phase follows the install phase, what you want in essence is to move the test goal of the surefire plugin to the verify phase. Quite a roadblock in the Maven Way :) My opinion though.. –  Luca Geretti Apr 24 '12 at 17:36

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As mentioned here, by convention, let's say integration tests are named as in TestNameIT.java and unit tests as in TestNameUT.java, you can use includes to filter integration tests or unit tests.

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Unfortunately, I think that is for the failsafe plugin, and will only filter tests for that plugin. It won't affect any unit tests behavior or did I miss something? Looking to solve the same issue as posted. Would like to have "mvn clean install" only run unit tests. –  Alper Akture Jan 17 '14 at 0:04

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