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Is there any support for putting non-webfonts into emails now? Not just using @font-face, maybe another method?

I found this SO question from some time back, along with some other questions and articles from about the same time period.

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Not consistently. There are popular email clients that still remove all CSS from HTML emails.

I was able to find a blog post on Campaign Monitor's site that has some test results from using this technique. Almost all email clients stripped out @font-face specifically, regardless of their general CSS support:

Your best bet would be to use images, which isn't a great solution for a number of reasons, the main one being that images are commonly blocked by default and you want clients to be able to view the content of the email regardless.

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This will not work. Web-based email systems will simply strip out your font statements. MS Outlook uses the MS-Word engine to display mails and is incapable of doing this.

As far at HTML email goes, it's still 1999 and will remain that way for a loooooong time.

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