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My Aim - User enters ClientName into autocomplete and selects ClientName. On selection, Apply button gets enabled.

On Apply button click, submit ClientName and ClientId to different PHP page.

My Problem - All works Ok, but does not redirect/post to the page url in the form action.

Can anyone help, many thanks.

$(function() {
     $('#btnApplyId').attr('disabled', true);
     $('#btnAddId').click(function() {$divDialog.dialog('open'); return false;});

     $('#txtClientName').bind('keyup', function() {
 $('#txtClientId').css({'background-color': '#FFC0C0'});
 $("#btnApplyId:eq(0)").addClass("ui-state-disabled").attr("disabled", true);

    var $divDialog = $('#divDialog');
  autoOpen: false,
  modal: true,
  title: 'Company name',
  buttons: [{
     id: 'btnCancelId',
     text: 'Cancel',
     click: function() {$divDialog.dialog('close');}
      id: 'btnApplyId',
      text: 'Apply',
      disabled: true,
      click: function() {
    //    $divDialog.dialog('close');

      source: "_ajcustlist.php",
      minLength: 2,
      select: function(event, ui) {
   $("#btnApplyId:eq(0)").removeClass("ui-state-disabled").attr("disabled", false);

The Html code is -

<div id="divDialog">
  <form id="client_form" name="client_form" method="post" action="editinv.php">
   <input type="text" id="txtClientName" name="txtClientName" />
   <input type='text' id='txtClientId' name='txtClientId' style='display:none'/>
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Just a little hint, use input type="hidden" on ur second input instead of styling it invisible –  peipst9lker Jun 28 '12 at 5:54

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The click event in your dialog action button is wrong. It's currently trying to submit a div ($('#divDialog')) instead of the form ($('#client_form')) within the div.


click: function() {
    //    $divDialog.dialog('close');


click: function() {
    //    $divDialog.dialog('close');
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You're a star j08691, with an eagle eye. Submits Ok now. Thank you so much. –  KenAshton Apr 24 '12 at 19:03

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