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I am using spring paging framework for my form. I am testing the paging framework from here: http://www.developer.com/java/web/article.php/10935_3830886_3/A-Pagination-Technique-Using-Spring.htm. The url for my form displays the page numbers like this:

1st page: http://...stuff../mySite/paging/paging/0 2nd page: http://...stuff../paging.do?action=list&p=1 3rd page: http://...stuff../paging.do?action=list&p=2 etc

The paging is not consistent and causes a problem in my code (note the difference btwn first pg and 2nd pg urls) and to keep my url clean, I prefer to store the page numbers as a hidden jsp parameter. Is it possible? Do you have any advice? Thanks.

My controller:

public class PaginationController
private final Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(getClass());
private ItemDao itemDao;

public ModelAndView list(@PathVariable("p") int page) throws Exception
    ModelAndView mav = new ModelAndView("paging/paging");
    System.out.println("In the paging controller");     

    // get data in a list from jsp
    List searchResults = itemDao.getAllItems();
    // initialize PagedListHolder with the list, 
    PagedListHolder pagedListHolder = new PagedListHolder(searchResults);           
    int pageSize = 5;
    mav.addObject("pagedListHolder", pagedListHolder);      
    return mav;


Here is the JSP:

<jsp:useBean id="pagedListHolder" scope="request"  type="org.springframework.beans.support.PagedListHolder"/>

<%-- // create link for pages, "~" will be replaced with the proper page number --%>
<c:url value="/paging.do" var="pagedLink">
   <c:param name="action" value="list"/>
    <c:param name="p" value="~"/>

<tg:paging pagedListHolder="${pagedListHolder}" pagedLink="${pagedLink}"/>

<%-- // show only current page data --%>
<table width="200px" border="1">
    <th width="20px">No.</th>
    <th>Print Items from pagedListHolder list</th>
<c:forEach items="${pagedListHolder.pageList}" var="item">
        <td style="color:blue;font-weight:bold;text-align:right">${item.data}</td>

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