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I've been doing some tests with this tool : http://crypto.hurlant.com/demo/CryptoDemo.swf and been trying to match blowfish results obtained from Mirc + blowfish (from what used to be fish.secure.us v1.30). I cannot for the life of me find what mode it is using... Nothing matches.. Does anyone know what mode it uses ??

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It simply uses ECB mode, but the base64 encoding is done in an odd way - each block of 32 bits of ciphertext is independently encoded into 6 base64 characters.

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Thanks, I guess that makes sens now, i couldn't find anything about it. Do you have a link to some papers about it or something? –  Eric May 7 '12 at 16:27
No, the code itself is the best documentation. –  caf May 8 '12 at 3:40

IRC does not support any modes for encryption, everything is transferred as plain text except if you are using SSL. Blowfish is an encryption algorithm which will be translating your messages (on mIRC) or any client you are using.

Without blowfish messages will be sent to the server as:

PRIVMSG #Channel :YourMessage

With blowfish messages will be sent to the server as:

PRIVMSG #Channel :w8e09w8e09q8eqiwoqweqweqweqwueqwehwqheqywgBlowFishEncryption

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