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Visual Studio's default commandline argument input is pretty horrible if you pass parameters that need to change frequently. (In the startup project properties, under Configuration Properties->Debugging, I am talking about the Command Arguments field).

There absolutely has to be some extension to VS that overrides this behavior, right? Ideally I am looking for a drop-down that keeps a list of the last 10 different commandlines used so it is easy to switch between a few set ups. It would also be nice if this field could be stickied to the toolbar at the top of the program to make it easier to get to and see which arguments are being used at a glance.

Is anyone aware of any improvements like these that exist somewhere? I am using VS 2010. Thanks much!

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There's this extension which I've just found while looking for much the same thing: CLIArgsMadeEasy

It's not ideal, as the input box is rather small, but it's definitely better than the usual irritating process.

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I believe that you could use the different Solution Configurations for that. I mean the following approach:

  • Select 'Debug' configuration and set the 'Command Line' parameters in the project properties.
  • Then switch to 'Release' configuration and set another 'Command Line' parameters, etc.
  • You can create also additional configurations - go to menu Build -> Configuration Manager and create as much of them as you need.

Hope that helps!

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All of the configuration dependent settings are stored in your project file (*.csproj, *.vbproj, etc.) - open them in Notepad or XML Editor to see what I'm talking about. – Dmitry Pavlov Apr 25 '12 at 11:52

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