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Is JUnit black-box or white-box testing? I think that it is white-box but i am not sure. I am looking for that but I can't find a clear answer. Even a simple discussion about that would be useful.

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JUnit by itself is neither white-box testing nor black-box testing. You can use it to do any kind of testing that you like.

The addition of a mocking framework such as JMock is what makes your testing white-box testing, because when using it you are claiming to know what outside calls will be made by your class-under-test, and with what parameters.

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Based on white-boxing testing definition JUnit is included in these form of testing, contain these techniques:(e.g. we create a test based on code or provides all information necessary to test all the possible pathways. This includes not only correct inputs, but incorrect inputs, so that error handlers can be verified as well.)

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