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I need to open an xaml file inside a popup window in silverlight. In my case i am having two xaml files namely a.axml and b.axml., In a.xaml, there is a hyper link button and a popup tag inside it. I have to open the b.xaml page inside that popup window on clicking the hyperlink of the a.xaml page.

This is my scenario. Pls help me to solve this issue.



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You should be able to set the Child property of the popup to be a new instance of your b.xaml class (whatever that is).

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Using Telerik controls its getting easier. But you may use second method. On Blend I changed the template of Telerik's child window. It seems better now

enter image description here

        HyperlinkButton link = new HyperlinkButton();
        link.Click += (s, a) =>
                //With telerik
                RadWindow w = new RadWindow();
                w.Content=new UserControl();
                w.ShowDialog();//Swith light and avoid access oter controls                                          

                //Without Telerik
                Popup p = new Popup();
                p.Child = w.Content as UserControl;
                p.IsOpen = true;

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Parent Page XAML:

    <HyperlinkButton Content="HyperlinkButton" Height="23"          HorizontalAlignment="Left"          Margin="150,111,0,0" Name="hyperlinkButton1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="100" Click="hyperlinkButton1_Click" />

Code Behind :

   public ParentPage()

    private void hyperlinkButton1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        ChildPage objpage = new ChildPage();

Here Is Pararent Page have buuton . child page load based on That button Click

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