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I'm having an issue using a column alias for a join in a cte. Invalid column name on the line with RowNumber2 >= (t1.RowNumber - 20) Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks..

DECLARE @latestDate Date = dbo.LatestDateWithPricingVolCountOver4k()

;WITH AllSymbsAndDates AS
        ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY Symbol ORDER BY TradingDate) AS RowNumber, 
        Symbol, TradingDate
    FROM tblSymbolsMain 
    CROSS JOIN tblTradingDays
    WHERE TradingDate <= @latestDate
SymbsDatesGrouped AS
            t1.Symbol, t1.TradingDate, t2.TradingDate AS TradingDate2, t1.RowNumber, 
            t2.RowNumber AS RowNumber2
        FROM AllSymbsAndDates t1 
        JOIN AllSymbsAndDates t2 ON t1.Symbol = t2.Symbol 
            AND RowNumber2 >= (t1.RowNumber - 20)
    ) t
    Symbol, TradingDate, TradingDate2, RowNumber, RowNumber2
     Symbol, TradingDate, TradingDate2
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You can't reference a column alias in the WHERE or JOIN clauses - actually the only clause where you can reference an alias from the SELECT list is either in the ORDER BY (or in an outer scope, e.g. selecting from a subquery or CTE).

In this case, the solution is pretty trivial. Why not just say:

 AND t2.RowNumber >= (t1.RowNumber - 20)


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Thanks. I was under the impression referring to the column by 2 different names in the same query wouldn't work. I'm good to go. –  StatsViaCsh Apr 24 '12 at 21:12

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