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Trying to deepen my knowledge of JS, can someone tell me what this does/is please?

jQuery = $ = this.jQuery;

What exactly does two equal signs do here?

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That assigns this.jQuery to $, and then assigns $ to jQuery.

This works because when assigning a value, it returns the value it just assigned, so another variable can be set to it.

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This is the most accurate answer. :) – DanRedux Apr 24 '12 at 20:20

assigned this.jQuery to $ and jQuery

why not just try it out?

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It is simply "stacking" the equals sign as you know it ;)

The example you have could be rewritten to

$ = this.jQuery;
jQuery = $;

I.e. both variables "jQuery" and "$" is set to the value to the right. (So it saves space and might be more clear that both vars are set to the same value.

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