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I'm trying to convert an NSString which contains a greek word to a const char. I'm trying to convert the string with UTF-8 encoding which is for greek language and when i'm logging the char out, it has junk in it. Please a little help here..

//this is the greek word 
NSString *letter = textFieldLetter.text;

//NSString to const char conversion for the sql query
const char *cLetter = (const char *)[letter cStringUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]; 

//this contains junk!
NSLog(@"letter: %s",cLetter);
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When using the character π in my string, I have no issues with that code. –  Richard J. Ross III Apr 24 '12 at 20:31
when i'm inserting a greek string to a UItextField, i have NO problem. My problem is when i'm doing the conversion to const char, the final string has junk! –  Kostas Papa Apr 25 '12 at 15:42
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You don't have to use UTF8, instead use Unicode (NSUnicodeStringEncoding).

If you see the NSStringEncoding will see this options (have more):

enum {
NSWindowsCP1253StringEncoding = 13,    /* Greek */
NSUTF16StringEncoding = NSUnicodeStringEncoding,   

NSUTF16BigEndianStringEncoding = 0x90000100,          /* NSUTF16StringEncoding encoding with explicit endianness specified */
NSUTF16LittleEndianStringEncoding = 0x94000100,       /* NSUTF16StringEncoding encoding with explicit endianness specified */

NSUTF32StringEncoding = 0x8c000100,                   
NSUTF32BigEndianStringEncoding = 0x98000100,          /* NSUTF32StringEncoding encoding with explicit endianness specified */
NSUTF32LittleEndianStringEncoding = 0x9c000100        /* NSUTF32StringEncoding encoding with explicit endianness specified */
typedef NSUInteger NSStringEncoding;

You can see a specific Greek lenguage: NSWindowsCP1253StringEncoding

If is don't work, you can try to use other UTF16 or UTF32. But I think Unicode work for you.

-- edit

Take in mind that NSLog(@"%s",string); can not decode a unicode character. So, it will really show the mess.

To test if it work, do the conversion, and redo it. If is the same, so you don't lost data.

const char *cLetter = (const char *)[letter cStringUsingEncoding:NSUnicodeStringEncoding]; 
NSString *original = [NSString stringWithCString:cLetter encoding:NSUnicodeStringEncoding];
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I tested different encodings and NSWindowsCP1253Encoding worked for a test. But my problem is how can i convert an NSString to a const char for an sql statement. I have the following: NSString *original = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"select * from vehicles where number='ΑΘΗΝΑ'; and const char *sqlStatement = (const char *)[original cStringUsingEncoding: NSWindowsCP1253StringEncoding]; Then i'm trying to (sqlite3_prepare_v2(database, sqlStatement, -1, &compiledStatement, NULL) == SQLITE_OK) but no chance! –  Kostas Papa Apr 26 '12 at 18:22
Ok i've solved it. It has to be const char *sqlStatement = [sqlState UTF8String]; before doing the sqlite3_prepare_v2. Thanks for your answer @Rodrigo. –  Kostas Papa Apr 26 '12 at 18:42
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