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Trying to use beautiful jquery.jmslideshow.js from codrops tutorial on my website, but not familiar with jquery.

One question, - how I can stop jmpress slider with autoplay option enabled on last slide? once it reaches the final slide.

Hope this is a simple question for one of you and good jquery howto for me. If anyone could help it would be appreciated.


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What have you tried? – servarevitas3 Apr 24 '12 at 20:39
Thanks for reply, What i tried? I registered on stackoveflow, man) I have searched all around with no luck, think I have to deeper dive in js,English, cause problem defined, no search result, sample code or ide reference founded): – user1354665 Apr 24 '12 at 20:59

I had a problem just like you, and this is how I made it work.

Instead of jmpress.min.js, import impress.js for readability. Then search for the word "circular". This is the part that actually repeats it.

Look for this piece:

do {
    var item = step.near( stepSelector, prev );

    if (item.length === 0 || item.closest(jmpress).length === 0) {

    if (!item.length) {
        return false;

    step = item;

} while("stepData").exclude );

return step;

Now remove anything that is written in the first if, and you are good to go. The slideshow now stops at the end.

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