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I have a question. I have existing webservices (WSDL/SOAP) and need new REST webservices having the same functions. Is there an easy way to create a WADL from WSDL? Thanks.

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Although it is not included into the distribution jar, tinyWSDL has WSDL 2.0 -> WADL convertor. Obviously the service must be defined using HTTP Binding. The WSDL 1.1 definitions must be converted into WSDL 2.0 first (also supported by tinyWSDL).




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SOAP and REST are pretty different approaches and this tool would be pretty hard to make or configure. Not saying that these styles cannot be mapped 1:1 to each other, there are things you can make with SOAP and not with REST and vice versa.

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Thanks, there are tools like Layer 7 and IBM Datapower, which are designed to do such transformations, but it seems to be, that this tools can't do it automatically. –  Uwe Hennig May 15 '12 at 9:20

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