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I have uploaded a website to the internet.

Firebug claims that no file is missing and yet on both IE and FF it doesn't look good as expected and also the script doesn't work (no errors).

However, on my own computer (or any offline machine), it works perfectly fine.

Here are the files.

And here is a screenshot:

Any thoughts on why this happens? What's missing?

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I cannot see any differences between your screenshot and what I'm seeing in a browser. Could you point out where the differences between your expected output and the actual output are? –  Jacob Jun 23 '09 at 6:41
LOL you can't because I just fixed it :) –  the_drow Jun 23 '09 at 6:59
I would accept an answer then to avoid confusion. –  Travis Jun 23 '09 at 14:12
@T Pops: I have to wait 48 hours before I can accept my own answer –  the_drow Jun 23 '09 at 22:38

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Check for any differences in cases in files' names. If your developing on Windows (case-insensitive), and uploading files to a *nix server (case-sensitive), this would easily lead to file-not-found errors.

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all files are found according to Firebug. –  the_drow Jun 23 '09 at 6:32
The problem is clearly related to filenames. If you look into the files folder, "midiamantedegel.com/files/", you will se that the linked filenames do NOT match the files in the folder. Eg. "EXOESP.pdf" vs. "ExoEsp.pdf". Or misspellings like "PREOESP.pdf" vs. "PROESP.pdf". The file "CALESP.pdf" doesn't even exist on the server. –  TFM Jun 23 '09 at 6:58
thanks for the heads up on the missing file. I'll inform the client. –  the_drow Jun 23 '09 at 7:22

This usually happens to me when I leave console.log statements in, by mistake. It works on my machine because I've got firebug -- my clients' machines don't, so the scripts break.

Your files link requires a login, so I couldn't see them.

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I don't have any console.log at all. –  the_drow Jun 23 '09 at 6:14

How did you upload the files? We had similar issue when copying between virtual servers. Everything seemed perfect but they dont work properly as you said. Then we used xcopy to move the files.

Try uploading them using a good FTP client. Also please post a screenshot of how it should look.

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I used a good ftp client. FileZilla is great. –  the_drow Jun 23 '09 at 6:13
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Well the problem was this:

The site currently on line and the files you sent aren't identical. the images in the sent file are correct. if you compare the two you'll see that the images on line are LARGER then they should be and that is why the site looks off. It is NOT a CSS issue - the images just need to be replaced with the images in the correct size. I'm mailing you the full site you sent me again with the correct images only. Please scrub the server from ALL IMAGES on it and then re-install the site with the correct images.

This is from my designer.
Strange that the subversion wasn't updated.

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