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I'm a newbie in C# and specially (of course!) events...

In my code, we get an element T from an event and want to add it to a list (List).

Since T is signed as "OnPropertyChanging", it changes everywhere in my code, thus all the member on List are the same. So what should I implement to save all the past values of T in List?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT (trying to explain it better):

I have an application that receives data via DDE which I use to perform real-time calculations. Until now, no problem. My problems begin when I have to use previous data, because I haven't been able to save them in a list.

I create a list in my first data reading and add the value to it:

ticks = new List<Tick> { tick };   // where tick comes via DDE

After the second reding, I want to use the last value of the list and compare it to the newest:

Tick prevTick = ticks.Last();
Tick currTick = tick;              // this tick is different from the former

However I verify that prevTick is equal to currTick. Apparently, "PropertyChange" changes tick in all instances of the program, modifying the content of ticks before I have the chance to pass it to prevTick.

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sorry are you saying you want to save current state before it is reversed. its not clear what you are asking. – krystan honour Apr 24 '12 at 23:01
Sorry if I'm not clear. Yes. I want save past values of T before it's changed (reversed). The problem is that function A changes it before I can save it in function B where I manage the List<T>. I'd like to save the value of the previous interation. – Alex Catarino Apr 25 '12 at 2:31
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Assuming Tick is a class, prevTick and currTick are most likely the same instance, and the underlying code providing the Tick instance is just updating the values stored by this instance. This would explain your thought that PropertyChange changes all tick instances - it is actually only one instance

I would create my own class with a property for each piece of the data that Tick contains, and populate a new instance of this class for your history list. If you just need a number from each Tick, then you could just have a List<int> to store your history.

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Thank you, davisoa. It's working like it should now. – Alex Catarino Apr 25 '12 at 19:38

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