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can somebody tell me how to create composite components in Tapestry? I know how to do this in JSF with using as well as ui:define. But how with tapestry?

I'd like to create following setup:

sidebar.tml: should define some replaceable variables, here 'header' and 'content'

The header is ${header}, and the content ist ${content}.

layout.tml: should define the right place for the sidebar to always align to

<t:sidebar /> 

customPage.tml: should deliver the content for the sidebar

    <t:header>my header</t:header>
    <t:content>some content here</t:content>

I know is cannot be done this way, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to do and could help me?


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This is how I'd do it:


The header is <t:delegate to="header"/>, and the content ist <t:delegate to="content"/>

public class Sidebar
    @Parameter(required = true)
    private Block header;

    @Parameter(required = true)
    private Block content;


<t:sidebar header="sidebarHeader" content="sidebarContent"/> 

public class Layout
    @Parameter(required = true)
    private Block sidebarHeader;

    @Parameter(required = true)
    private Block sidebarContent;


    <p:sidebarHeader>my header</p:sidebarHeader>
    <p:sidebarContent>some content here</p:sidebarContent>
    rest of your content here

Hope it helps!

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Hm thats quite nice! But I get only String output "sidebarHeader" and "sidebarContent". It is not replaced by the tags in content of customPage. – membersound Apr 25 '12 at 16:14
It looks like somehow you are using "literal" binding prefix by default. Change your parameters to use the "prop" binding prefix instead. Like this: @Parameter(defaultPrefix = BindingConstants.PROP) – ascandroli Apr 25 '12 at 20:15

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