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I'm developing celery tasks to aggregate social contents from facebook and twitter.

Tasks are as following

  • facebook_service_handler
  • facebook_contents_handler
  • image_resize
  • save_contents_info

'facebook_service_handler' and 'facebook_contents_handler' tasks use facebook open api with urlopen function.

It is working well when urlopen requests is not many. (under 4~5 times) but when the urlopen request is over the 4~5, worker is not working anymore.

also, When the celery is stopped, I break the redis and celeryd, and restart celeryd and redis. last tasks are executed

any body help me about this problem??

I'm working it on the mac os lion.

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Ideally, you should have two different queues, one for network I/O (using eventlet, with which you can "raise" more processes) and one for the other tasks (using multiprocessing). If you feel that this is complicated, take a look at CELERYD_TASK_SOFT_TIME_LIMIT. I had similar problems when using urllib.open within celery tasks, as the connection might hang and mess the whole system.

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Thank you for your answer!! I have solved my problem. Actually, It was stupid problem. It caused by low concurrency option. But your answer is helpful to make me more smarter. Thanks! ^^ –  shchoi Apr 26 '12 at 6:05

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