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To get TimeSpan in minutes from given two Dates I am doing the following

int totalMinutes = 0;
TimeSpan outresult = end.Subtract(start);
totalMinutes = totalMinutes + ((end.Subtract(start).Days) * 24 * 60) + ((end.Subtract(start).Hours) * 60) +(end.Subtract(start).Minutes);
return totalMinutes;

Is there a better way?

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TimeSpan span = end-start;
double totalMinutes = span.TotalMinutes;
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Why not just doing it this way?

DateTime dt1 = new DateTime(2009, 6, 1);
DateTime dt2 = DateTime.Now;
double totalminutes = (dt2 - dt1).TotalMinutes;

Hope this helps.

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I would do it like this:

int totalMinutes = (int)(end - start).TotalMinutes;
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See TimeSpan.TotalMinutes:

Gets the value of the current TimeSpan structure expressed in whole and fractional minutes.

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double totalMinutes = (end-start).TotalMinutes;

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