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My app met a ramdon error. the txt file access denied when the new file generated and it's size is 0K.

I just want to copy the existing file and rename it after closed the current one.

Could anyone give me a method to Copy a file? Thanks.

my code snippet as below.

ofstream    m_LogFile;

CFile   logcfile;

if(dwLength > 1024*1024*10 )
            string fileDate = status.m_mtime.Format("%Y%m%d%H%M%S");        
            string modulePath = Util::GetModulePath();
            string fileNewName(modulePath);
            fileNewName += "mytextlog" + fileDate + ".txt";
                           // I want to insert CFile copy method before rename it.
            logcfile.Rename(m_sLogFileName.c_str(), fileNewName.c_str());
            m_LogFile.open(m_sLogFileName.c_str(), ios::out | ios::app);

I assumed that my app error caused by the code above.

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CFile does not have a method to copy a file.

Use the ::CopyFile() function to simply copy a file without any need to open and close the file.

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Yes CFile does not have a method to copy file. You could use ::CopyFile Win32 method as posted before, or there is another (little complicated) way with CFile see example at CFile::Open method

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