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I have a project in where i need to write documents in a webeditor like the new googledocs,

I know that google docs doesnt support editing and saving the documents on my own server.

My question is :

There is any similar version of the new google docs payable or in any other licence that permits me to edit a document in an editor like the new google docs where can i save the content editable in my own db ,writen in any web programming language ?

thanks in advance!

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If I understand you mean to say you need exactly as Google Docs? - Like Uploading doc downloading doc kind of.

We can do it in jquery

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not really , i need to make documents like M$ word , that i will save in db and replace some variables with the client vars. Like new google docs , i mean the pagination mode I have the standalone version of the old google docs , only the js. –  Alex Teodor Apr 25 '12 at 7:34

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