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i would like to know how i can get ("decode?") the data from a JsonField, im having this:

{"pleople": "name=Jhon&email=email@domain.com", "id": 251304}

How i can pass this to my view like name['Jhon'] or any kind of object to use with querySet o r parameter

thank you

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What exactly do you mean? In django-jsonfield if you have a model with some_field = JsonField() you can put or retrieve a dict or list directly in object.some_field, all to/from JSON conversions are made automatically. –  ilvar Apr 25 '12 at 4:08
im sorry, that was a dictionary, i access it in this way key['value'] –  Asinox Apr 25 '12 at 15:09

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>>> from urlparse import parse_qs, parse_qsl

>>> parse_qs("name=Jhon&email=email@domain.com")
{'email': ['email@domain.com'], 'name': ['Jhon']} # allow multiple values

>>> dict(parse_qsl("name=Jhon&email=email@domain.com"))
{'email': 'email@domain.com', 'name': 'Jhon'} # dict w/ single value

Or you could use django.http.QueryDict directly

>>> from django.http import QueryQict
>>> QueryDict("name=Jhon&email=email@domain.com")
<QueryDict: {u'name': [u'Jhon'], u'email': [u'email@domain.com']}>
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