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I notice that all instances of Backbone models have an id that looks like this: id: "/api/v1/item/36/" This is the URL that corresponds to the model. Of course, I want the ID to be just 36. Is this a problem with the JSON that my API returns. Here is the JSON that my API returns:

{"created_at": "2012-04-24T22:09:41.683039", "id": "36", "name": "new", "resource_uri": "/api/v1/item/36/", "updated_at": "2012-04-24T22:51:23.664253", "user": "/api/v1/user/9/"}

Does it try to render the resource_uri as the ID? or is that completely separate?

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Backbone, by its own, doesn't assign any id to your Models.

One of two things: you either assign the id explicitly or Backbone take the id from the response of your first POST request to the server to create the Model.

Backbone does assign an unique identifier to each Model but this one is the Model.cid.

If your looks like /api/v1/item/36/ is because you, somehow, have assigned this value explicitly.

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If you instantiate a model from this JSON the id will be 36. If you work with collections you need to specify the url: "/api/v1/item/", so the collection knows where to fetch/save the models.

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