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I am trying to use the truncate function in scheme and DrRacket keeps issuing this message

ProblemA.rkt:27:46: truncate: this function is not defined in: truncate

Is there an import or something I can add so the compiler can find the library for truncate?

Basically I want to do integer division in scheme so 98/10 = 9 instead of 9.8 but the truncate function isn't working.

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(quotient 98 10) does what you want.

i am actually a big fan of the "division returns float" behavior. the integers are not closed under division (in theory). and 1/2 == 0 can introduce subtle bugs (in practice). i always "from __future__ import division" in python too.

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No Problem should be all set :) –  user708774 Apr 25 '12 at 5:23

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