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Please check the output of the code bellow.


echo number_format(17, 2, '.', ',');
echo number_format(19, 2, '.', ',');

$dbObj = odbc_connect(DSN,USER,PASS);

echo number_format(17, 2, '.', ',');
echo number_format(19, 2, '.', ',');

now after odbc_connect for the code bellow:

echo number_format(17, 2, '.', ',');

expected output is


but it's giving output


and same thing happening for 19 too. for all the other numbers output is as expected.

i am using windows server 2008 , apache 2.2, php 5.2.17

i have found this


but this doesn't give a solution

can anyone tell me what is the problem. i am sure some of you have faced this problem. so please let me know what this is and how to solve/overcome it.

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Someone in that thread suggested it could be due to VC6 build of PHP. Perhaps this wouldn't happen in VC9? I'm not sure. –  Ja͢ck Apr 25 '12 at 6:27

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Just Try this..

$num = number_format(17, 2, '.', '');

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thanx for the response. but getting same result. –  Web Hkp Apr 25 '12 at 5:22

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