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Is there any way by which i can compare a MethodDeclaration object and IMethod object and check whether they are similar? Or is there any way by whcih a MethodDeclaration object can be converted to an IMethod object (IMethod provides a isSimilar function)?

Update : Similarily i would like to know if a FieldDeclaration can be converted to a IField.

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MethodDeclaration is an ASTNode, and IMethod is a JavaElement. The definitive way to check if these two objects correspond to the same method is to compare their Binding.

See http://wiki.eclipse.org/JDT/FAQ#From_an_ASTNode_to_an_IBinding and http://wiki.eclipse.org/JDT/FAQ#From_an_IJavaElement_to_an_IBinding on how to get the Binding for an ASTNode and for a JavaElement. Once you have the Binding or the Binding key you can just compare that.

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Thanks a lot. I was able to extract the IMethod out of an MethodDeclaration using IMethod method = (IMethod) methoDeclarationNode.resolveBinding().getJavaElement(); I then compared the two IMethods using isSimilar method. But FieldDeclaration doesn't have a resolveBinding method. In the link provided it is mentioned that ASTParser.createBindings can be used to create an IBinding, but that requires a progressMonitor. Can the progress monitor be specified as null? –  Unni Kris Apr 26 '12 at 3:33
Also can u please let know, how one can get the binding key from the FieldDeclarationNode. There is no info on the FAQ for finding the javaElement of an AST Node. –  Unni Kris Apr 26 '12 at 4:06
Yes, the progress monitor can be null. –  Deepak Azad Apr 26 '12 at 6:59

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