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I am a Delphi developer and a C# Developer. C# has the DataTable class that supports random access to Rows. Is there a third-party TDataSet (Delphi) component that is like DataTable (C#)?

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There's TClientDataSet class in Deplhi, which functionality is similar to DataSet in .NET.

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JVCL has TjvMemoryData which supports random access to rows and fields. It is a bit more flexible than Delphi's own TClientDataSet.

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A free (for personal use) in-memory database table is available from AidAim

SQLMemTable is a fully functional in-memory database system; it includes database, table, query and batch move components as well as useful utility (with source code), demos and comprehensive help. SQLMemTable does not require BDE or any external drivers and has small footprint.

Another free (open source) component is TxQuery (MPL)

TxQuery component is a TDataSet descendant component that can be used to query one or more TDataSet descendant components using SQL statements

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Data Storage Engine in AnyDAC. In general, it is ADO.NET v 1, but for native code. It may be used together with TADMemTable.

PS: AnyDAC is a commercial product.

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kbmMemTable CodeGear Edition which you can download for free as part of kbmMW CodeGear Edition, after signing up at https://portal.components4developers.com (ignore cert. errors if any occur.. the site is valid).

kbmMemTable CodeGear Edition contains the most feature rich in memory table for Delphi.. for free. It even contains:

  • SQL support advanced high performance indexes filtering bookmarks
  • dataset interchange with other dataset sources and destinations
  • master/detail multiple cursors (and separate filters and indexes) to
  • the physically same data very high performance versioning and
  • tracking of datachanges including the ability to resolve those
  • changes to someplace else via deltahandlers
  • plus hundreds more features and goodies in the product

If you need source kbmMemTable Standard Edition is available, and if you need the best performance you can find in a Delphi memory dataset, you can get kbmMemTable Professional Edition as a bundled part of kbmMW Professional Edition and kbmMW Enterprise Edition.

best regards Kim Madsen www.components4developers.com

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There is an excellent series from Cary Jensen comparing ClientDataSets and DataTables: In-Memory DataSets: ClientDataSet and .NET DataTable Compared: Part 1 Overview

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You may be interested in TECDataset (EverClassy Dataset) from Inovativa (http://www.inovativa.com.br/public), which is an in-memory dataset that can be populated with objects of any class.

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