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I am creating a 3d stack graph in drupal.The problem is ,if the count is zero for a month,it is pulling the stat from the following month. For eg,

$info = fusioncharts_test_multi_series_data();
$info->data = array(
array('4.0', 'Jan',0 ),
array('4.0', 'Feb', 29),
array('4.1', 'Jan',0 ),
array('4.1', 'Feb',44 ),
array('4.5', 'Jan', 45),
array('4.5', 'Feb', 87),
array('1.5', 'Jan', 54),
array('1.5', 'Feb', 9),
array('2.0', 'Jan',00 ),  
array('2.0', 'Feb', 37),    
array('2.5', 'Jan', 22),
array('2.5', 'Feb',55),
$info->settings['Caption'] = 'Stacked Column 2D';  
$info->chart_type = 'Stacked Column 3D';
echo theme('fusionchart', $info);

Here the count of 4.0 for Jan is zero,but in the grap,it will show the feb count in the jan stack.Is there anyway to get this graph corrected? Please let me know if i missed anything here.

Thanks, Hari

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Seems that the label for zero slice has no space to show-up and probably it is taking up the space for the next value. –  sudipto Apr 25 '12 at 6:24
Even with space no change in output,still seeing the issue –  Hari Apr 25 '12 at 8:01

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