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Table1 :
    userid name       address
    1      venkat      srinagr
    2      venkatesh  sainagar

id userid lat     lon
1   1     14.000  15.000
2   2     14.3526 15.3698

by passing "venkat" as parameter then need to pull all matching records and his userid,name,lat,lon. in above table1 "venkat" contains in both rows then need to pull 2 records.how to get userid,name,lat,lon for all matching rows.. for sigle record i am able to get.but there are multiple rows how to get please tell me....

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Try this: var q = from u in Table1 join ll in Table2 on u.userid equals ll.userid select new { userid = u.userid, name = u.name, lat = ll.lat, lon = ll.lon }; –  dan radu Apr 25 '12 at 6:48
What did you try so far? –  Ladislav Mrnka Apr 25 '12 at 7:00

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 var result = from p in cxt.Table2

                                 where p.Table1.Name.Contains(name) 

                                 select new


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Im sure someone will say this is not the most effective way but this is how i would do it.

string InputString = "venkat";

var tab =(from a in db.tablea
          from b in db.tableb
          where a.userid == b.userid && a.name == InputString
          select new
              UserID = a.userid,
              Username = a.name,
              Latitude = b.lat,
              Longditude = b.lon

FirstOrDefault() is only if you want to force only one output or null, if you want a collection of some sort, then just remove it.

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