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I have created a tab and append some text in it

$("#tabcontent").append('<p id="c'+count+'"><table> <tr>Tab Content '+count+'<br><span id="addColumns" style="cursor:pointer;">Add Columns</span></p>');

there is an id addColumns I write a function for this id

$('#addColumns').click(function(){ $("#tabcontent").html(''); });

When I click on Add Columns Nothing is happening...

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Can you put up your html/js on jsfiddle.net – gideon Apr 25 '12 at 5:59
1. i think u r using update panel.. 2. may be ur addcolumn is server control... as per @gideon if u put ur code it easy to solve... – Sai Sherlekar Apr 25 '12 at 6:00
It is working in JSFiddle. See this Link: jsfiddle.net/sfWxJ – Chinmaya003 Apr 25 '12 at 6:02
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Your table is not in DOM when page loaded, so this is future element that's why it's not working. you have to use .live()

$('#addColumns').live('click', function(){ $("#tabcontent").html(''); });

or as per jQuery 1.7

use .on

$(document).on('click','#addColumns', function(){
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let's just fix that html structure you got and try it again.

<p id="c'+count+'">
        <tr>Tab Content '+count+'
            <span id="addColumns" style="cursor:pointer;">Add Columns</span>

Besides - you really want to clear the element in which you clicked the span?

EDIT: That is your html code, not the one you should use. Try a td-tag inside your row and try to close your tags.

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