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I created a mobileconfig file with iPCU(iPhone Configuration Utility), but it is "Not Verified" when installing it to iPhone, how to verify it?

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can you please help me with how to create a mobileconfig file? I created one using ipcu but when I am trying to open it from a link in iPad nothing happening. seems the file I created is not good. –  Saurabh Jun 2 at 10:38

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iPCU use by default a "auto-signed" and "auto-generated" key and crt to sign your mobileconfig.

If you want to sign your mobileconfig and make it "Verified", you need to use your own certificate and key to sign it. You can use for exemple Openssl to do the signing.

Moreover, before iOS6, you can juste use your own crt to sign the mobileconfig. If your certificate has been delivered by an Apple trusted CA (listed here), your mobileconfig will be "verified".

If you use iOS6, you have to indicate the complete certification chain during the signing process. It means you need your Certificate Authority certificate.

I am working on a product, Appaloosa-Store, a way to easily distribute mobileapplication, and we will probably allow users to distribute configuration file.

Do not hesitate if you need more informations.

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I create new font .mobileconfig file, I still don't know how to make it be verify? Can you help? –  Bum Jul 26 '14 at 13:50

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