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Here i am trying to get uContainer object from another project. uContainer having all the setters and getters with return values set from properties file. Like a user properties for perticular user. I am using to get perticular method values from uContainer instance. But in the 4th line my application getting crashed.

uContainer is an instance of UserContainer class.

getSingleResultListing also a boolean variable in UserContainer class having with getters and setters methods.

The code is given below.

Method getUContainer = form.getClass().getMethod("getUserContainer", new Class[0]);
Object uContainerObj = (Object)getUContainer.invoke(form, new Object[0]);
Method getFlagValueMethod = uContainerObj.getClass().getMethod("getSingleResultListing", new Class[0]);
String flagValue = (String)getFlagValueMethod.invoke(uContainerObj, new Object[0]);
log.info(">>>flagValue: "+flagValue);
boolean singleListingFlag = Boolean.getBoolean(flagValue);
log.info(">>>singleListingFlag: "+singleListingFlag);

here in the fourth line while invoking the uContainer object i am getting error ..


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And that error is? –  Mark Rotteveel Apr 25 '12 at 7:22

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You are casting the returned object to a String, but you are not getting a String from that method. You cannot convert objects to String via a cast operator. If you want the string representation, write

String flagValue = getFlagValueMethod.invoke(uContainerObj, new Object[0]).toString();
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Very Very Thanks..your code is working great. i did't get the idea to use the toString() method. It helped me alot. –  Mdhar9e Apr 25 '12 at 8:31

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