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Let's say i check if

 $strig = "how can i do this";

already exists in my database with all words order options? Like: "how i can do this" or "i do this can how" ... ...

my database looks like:

 id    string
  1    how can i do this
  2    hello how are you
  3    how i can do this world
  4    another title
 etc   etc


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IMPOSSIBRU to answer without you stelling us how your database looks. And what kind of data is in there. and if it's ok if there are more words. etc etc – Nanne Apr 25 '12 at 7:33
hi, i fix the question with more details, yes there are more words like the 3 – motioz Apr 25 '12 at 7:46
What are the hits in this example? 1 and 3 or only 1, because there is "world" in 3 ? – Nanne Apr 25 '12 at 8:00
on this example only 1 – motioz Apr 25 '12 at 8:12
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This is a tricky problem if you want to fix this in sql only, but that aside:

As @er.anuragjain says, you can do a query with LIKE %word%, but you would also get a hit on your example '3'.

So if you have a query like this:

     column LIKE '%how%' 
AND  column LIKE '%can%'
AND  column LIKE '%i%'
AND  column LIKE '%do%'
AND  column LIKE '%this%'

Then you also get number 3. So you need to check if there are no other words. You can do this by checking the word count (if you have 5 words and all of your words are in there, you are done.).

Checking wordcount is not trivial, but there is a trick. From several sources*:

SELECT LENGTH(total_words) - LENGTH(REPLACE(total_words, ' ', ''))+1
FROM tbl_test;

should do the trick. So check the LIKE's, and check the wordcount, and you're done. But I'm not really sure this is a pretty sollution :)

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The number of possible combinations is n! (120 in your sample) so checking if this string already exists is quite complex task.
I would recommend to use the following algorithm:

  • Add new column StringHash to your table
  • On insert order your string (e.g. alphabetically), calculate its hash and store in StringHash:
    "how can i do this" => "can do how i this" => md5("can+do+how+i+this")
  • If you want to check if a certain string exists in the db then again calculate its hash as described above and query the db on YourTable.StringHash
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you can ask if the string where you are searching in, contains: "how" and "can" and "I" and "do" and "this" something like this:(I don't know the syntax in mysql but see the concept)

       //you find the string
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If you are using mysql then try this..

select * from tablename where columnname Like '%how%' AND columnname LIKE '%can%' AND columnname LIKE '%I'% AND columnname LIKE '%DO'% AND columnname LIKE '%This'%;

Here if u have dynamic value in $string then first convert it into an array spliting by space.then create a $condition varriable from the array and append that in select * from tablename where and run that query.


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should be the wildcard call in mysql

select * From tablename Where columnname LIKE '%how%' 
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