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I'm parsing an external feed which contains location and date inside post title which I want to get rid of, so:

This happened on Date in Location

I need to find on (space on space) and remove everything till the end of the line, same for in(space in space).

I googled a bit, but regex is really unfathomable for me so I'd appreciate any help.


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Well, a literal "on" does match exactly. Then tell the regex engine to match everything after: ".*". (Note, that the . doesn't match newlines, so it works as needed.)

In the case of "in" you need an alternative, which is marked by parentheses () and the vertical bar |: "(on|in)". You could also make that a bit tighter with character classes []: "[oi]n".

With that we arrive at this regex:

/ [oi]n .*/
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To the end of the line? Then I suppose:

preg_replace("/(?:on|in).*?(\n|$)/", "", 'This happened on Date in Location');

Would do it.

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That returns "This happened on". Doesn't look like what I've got from the question. – Boldewyn Apr 25 '12 at 7:27
I wasn't sure whenever he wanted the 'on' be saved or not. I suppose not then, so changed to "This happened " instead. – Robin Castlin Apr 25 '12 at 7:34

Use a negative lookbehind if you want to remove everything after the on and in but not the on and in themselves.




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