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I have a aspx page that uses ajax modal popup extender. I run the project successfully from Visual Studio, it works correctly with IE and Firefox as default browsers.

Now I took the html code and created an html file and put in the proper location. When I open the html file by double clicking on it, it is saying script error like “ASP.Net Ajax Client-side framework failed to load”. Why is it happening when I create an HTML file and open it; and not happening when I run the aspx page from Visual Studio. How to overcome it? What should be the best method to take care this in deployment to production?

Note: I have not entered any entries in the Web.Config related to Ajax. We are not using any update panel. We have used ToolkitScriptManager in the aspx page. Note: There is one more message after this – ‘Sys’ is undefined.

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Are the path of microsoft AJAX related JS files still valid/pointing to correct folder after you copy HTML to a location?

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I don't see ajax related scripts in my Scripts folder. But it works fine when I run from Visual Studio. Where do I see those files? – Lijo Apr 25 '12 at 7:49
See -->… – rt2800 Apr 25 '12 at 7:53

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