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Hi I need to limit the data being added onto my local storage. I only need 5 items to be stored if the user adds the 6th item the first item should be removed. I accomplished that portion but when retrieving it, it retrieves the removed data and skips on the fourth item. Any ideas?

how i set things

 var _i = 0 //global;
 storage.setItem(_i, URL);


if(storage.length >= 5)
   var _a = storage.getItem(0);
   storage.removeItem( _a );
   _a += 1;

When retrieving it

for( var _x = 1; _x <= storage.length - 1; _x++)
  var _url = storage.getItem(_x);


oh i forgot to mention that when i use key index to get item it doesnt display the removed data but somehow skips the fourth one.

update 2

Now it doesn't skip the fourth record but it shows the removed data and doesn't show the last added data. e.g

the //first
avengers //second
are //third
coming //fourth
now //fifth
excited //sixth

Since i specifically limit it to five (5) the should be removed from the list and excited should be added. its doing fine but when i close the application and try to retrieve the data it returns


and it doesn't shows excited Am i making sense?

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You can't rely on the order of Web Storage keys. Check this question: HTML5 localStorage key order
If you want to do this, just use an array object which will be stored in localStorage.

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there's no changes. i still have the problem. note that i'm removing items if the length reaches or exceeds by 5. – Dreyfus15 Apr 25 '12 at 8:48
Could we see your code ? – Jocelyn LECOMTE Apr 25 '12 at 9:11
See this jsfiddle.net/vJkBQ/4 of the answer stackoverflow.com/questions/18606256/…. It might helps you with the getItemIndexById function. – Nothing Dec 7 '13 at 3:03

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