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How to get result in WITH table AS into CURSOR loop? I have previously asked about how to get recursive results from my table

How to read all records recursively and show by level depth TSQL

;with C as
    definition ...

I have created CURSOR loop where I want to run specific stored procedure for all results in table

declare @id int, @parent int
declare cur cursor local fast_forward 
    select id, parent from C
open cur
fetch next from cur into @id, @parent
while @@fetch_status = 0
    exec storedProcedure @id=@id, @parent=@parent
fetch next from cur into @id, @parent
close cur
deallocate cur

Problem is that CURSOR doesnt know table from WITH AS result.

Invalid object name 'C'.
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You can create a temp table or a table variable to hold the rows returned by you CTE query and then you use that table as the source for your cursor.

declare @T table
  id int,
  parent int

;with C as
  select 1 as id, 2 as parent
insert into @T
select id, parent
from C

declare cur cursor for select id, parent from @T
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