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I want to draw a mountain chart for my app. The chart have a line on the top, below the line is filled with gradient color. It looks like as this link enter link description here. Please help me

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Which charting tool are you using? I have done the same with achartengine like this: xySeriesRenderer.setFillBelowLine(true);

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I am also using achartengine, but how i can fill field below line with gradient color?? –  NemoDo Apr 25 '12 at 8:50
Dan Dromereschi says that "Gradient is only supported by the range bar chart" at link –  CSharp Apr 25 '12 at 9:35

The easiest way to achieve that is using a charting component for Android which supports your needs. The one I know is TeeChart for Android from Steema Software, the company I work for. It supports Area series with gradients. You can see some examples at the TeeChart Mobile -> Android section in the gallery. A fully functional evaluation version can be downloaded here. A simple code snippet to do that would be:

    Area series = new Area(tChart1.getChart());
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