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Just a simple question. I have a contact form stored in a function because it's just easier to call it on the pages I want it to have.

Now to extend usability, I want to search for {contactform} using str_replace.


function contactform(){
  // bunch of inputs

$wysiwyg = str_replace('{contactform}', contactform(), $wysiwyg);

So basically, if {contactform} is found. Replace it with the output of contactform.

Now I know that I can run the function before the replace and store its output in a variable, and then replace it with that same variable. But I'm interested to know if there is a better method than the one I have in mind.


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If the {contactform} doesn't appear most of the time it's better to use preg_replace_callback as suggested by @jedwards. If it's always there, your current code makes most sense. – Ja͢ck Apr 25 '12 at 8:22
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Your method is fine, I would set it as a $var if you are planning to use the contents of contactform() more than once.

It might pay to use http://php.net/strpos to check if {contact_form} exists before running the str_replace function.

You could try both ways, and if your server support it, benchmark:

<?php echo 'Memory Usage: '. (!function_exists('memory_get_usage') ? '0' : round(memory_get_usage()/1024/1024, 2)) .'MB'; ?>
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To answer your question, you could use PCRE and preg_replace_callback and then either modify your contactform() function or create a wrapper that accepts the matches.

I think your idea of running the function once and storing it in a variable makes more sense though.

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you may want to have a look at php's call_user_func() more information here http://php.net/call_user_func

$wysiwyg = 'Some string and {contactform}';

$find = '{contactform}'; 

strpos($wysiwyg, $find) ? call_user_func($find) : '';
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Yes, there is: Write one yourself. (Unless there already is one, which is always hard to be sure in PHP; see my next point.)

Ah, there it is: preg_replace_callback(). Of course, it's one of the three regex libraries and as such, does not do simple string manipulation.

Anyway, my point is: Do not follow PHP's [non-]design guidelines. Write your own multibyte-safe string substitution function with a callback, and do not use call_user_func().

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