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How do you take a screen shot of a full page of file code?

I have some php / python files spanning over 500 lines of code and I would like to take a full screen shot of the whole screen code including line numbers so I can dump it inside a word doc. Is there any simple way to do this using komodo, notepad or any other editor?

I do not want to have to take manual screenshots that would take forever using printscreen, or have to copy and paste the lines themselves because I need to show it has been taken from an editor, surely there is a way to do it?

Thanks for any help. Much appreciated.

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As far as screenshots are concerned: I assume you're a windows user because you've tagged this question with Notepad++, however it would be good if you add the OS you're using because screenshot tools differ across platforms. –  hakre Apr 25 '12 at 8:36

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Notepad++ has a plugin (NppExport) that allows you to export the syntax-hightlighted coded as RTF/HTML (even via clipboard) so you can easily put that into a word document.

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I did it using Eclipse, and then export as PDF (with linenumbers). You could also use the Notepad++ Plugin From here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-plugins/ to export syntax as RTF or even HTML.

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