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error C2664: 'MessageBoxW' : cannot convert parameter 3 from 'const char [22]' to 'LPCWSTR'
     Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast

i am trying to execute this code below and getting error as above.

bool RegistryHandler::readRegistryEntry(String^ referencePath, String^ keyName, String ^keyValue)
    HKEY keyHandle;
    LPCTSTR sk = TEXT("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Office\\Outlook\\Addins\\GoToApp");
    wchar_t  rgValue [1024];
    wchar_t fnlRes [1024];
    DWORD size1;
    DWORD Type;
    if( RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, sk,0,KEY_QUERY_VALUE, &keyHandle) == ERROR_SUCCESS)
            RegQueryValueEx( keyHandle,L"ApplicationUrl", NULL, &Type,(LPBYTE)rgValue,&size1);
            MessageBoxW(NULL,L"inside for readindg",L"Native Addin",MB_OK);
            MessageBoxW(NULL,rgValue, "Product ID of Windows", MB_OK);
    else {
            MessageBoxW(NULL,L"inside for else",L"Native Addin",MB_OK);     
    return true ;

how to get rgvalue correctly ???

plse help new to Vc++

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You're missing an 'L' in front of "Product ID of Windows" –  PhilMY Apr 25 '12 at 8:20
rgValue is a variable .. i cant add L tre directly to execute that code i have to convert that to display. –  zytham Apr 25 '12 at 8:24
MessageBoxW(NULL,rgValue, L"Product ID of Windows", MB_OK); –  PhilMY Apr 25 '12 at 8:31

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There is missing "L" before "Product ID of Windows" string. It should be:

MessageBoxW(NULL,rgValue, L"Product ID of Windows", MB_OK);
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it worked ..thanks it was just a silly one ... :) –  zytham Apr 25 '12 at 9:52

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