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I have a Handlebars helper that takes a number and returns a class name. I want to run the helper only if foobar exists because it might not exist. My initial attempt was:

{{#each content}}
    <div class="other_class {{#if foobar}}{{my_helper foobar}}{{/if}}"></div>

This doesn't work because metamorph inserts script tag placeholders where the if helper is. My second attempt was:

{{#each content}}
    <div class="other_class {{my_helper foobar}}"></div>

This also doesn't work because when foobar does not exist, the string "foobar" is passed to my_helper.

I know that doing {{unbound foobar}} will render the value without binding it and thus without script tag placeholders. Is there a way to use if in an unbound way?

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You could create a computed property and add it to classNameBindings of a view, see http://jsfiddle.net/pangratz666/MvpUZ/:

App.MyView = Ember.View.extend({
    classNameBindings: 'omg'.w(),

    omg: function(){
        var foobar = Ember.getPath(this, 'content.foobar');
        return (foobar && foobar === 42) ? 'my-class-name' : null;
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This works, but I would prefer something like {{#unboundif foo}}{{/unboundif}}. –  hekevintran Apr 25 '12 at 16:06

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