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After create a flowplayer instance like this:

$f("player", "flowplayer.swf", "my-video.flv");

When remove the container element directly, $("#player").remove()(using jQuery),

I found the $f("player") still there. How to remove the instance really?

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On BestKicker, we use $f().unload().

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if the container has no HTML content, $f.unload() does nothing –  dencey May 17 '12 at 2:06

I basically stored the contents of the DOM element that holds the player element in jQuery data on DOM ready:

    $(el).data('init-state', $(el).html());

... then reset the contents (thereby detaching the Flowplayer instance) by calling the stored data back into the holder element's HTML to effectively 'reset' it:


I've only tried this using Flowplayer manual setup, don't think it'd work on auto. Also it probably wouldn't be great performance-wise if you were doing it over and over as the original Flowplayer instance is still loaded in memory, just detached, but was the best solution I could come up with.

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