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I am trying to pass a group of checkboxes to PHP using JQuery. I am using the code from Passing multiple checkbox items to PHP file using JSON and querying a DB Should I post this under that question?

The checkboxes are one for each day in the month in a calendar. Values are integer days of the month

<td><input name="check[]" value="4" type="checkbox">4</td>
<td><input checked="yes" name="check[]" value="7" type="checkbox">7</td>

The checkboxes are within a table in a form.

<form id="checkboxes">
<table id="calendarId" class="calendar"> 

I use Jquery to pass the checkboxes to PHP:

   $("#calendarId").load($.post("calendar.php",{check: $("form#checkboxes").serialize()}));

Firebug shows that a list of checked boxes is in the post parameters. The two days I checked to generate this example were 7 and 21 which are discernible in the code.

check   check%5B%5D=7&check%5B%5D=21

My problem is that I am unable to extract these values in PHP.

parse_str($_POST['check'], $checkboxes); 

returns an empty string, as does looping over the POST array:

foreach($_POST as $key=>$val){
    $test .= $key . "; " . $value . "; ";

Trying to loop over $_POST['check'] generates an error which I assume means that $_POST['check'] is empty.

The complete page is at http://www.genomics.liv.ac.uk/shereMuseum/calendar1.html

I have also tried to pack the checkboxes into a data structure "checkboxes" before posting:

        var checkboxes = new Array();


        $.each($("input[name='check[]']:checked"),function() {

But then Firebug reports the POST parameters as:

undefined   undefined
undefined   undefined

I would be very grateful for any suggestions. Harry

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"Trying to loop over $_POST['check'] generates an error which I assume means that $_POST['check'] is empty." Try var_dump($_POST); in your PHP and see what you're actually getting? –  Ed Daniel Apr 25 '12 at 12:06

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Try to look at this: http://files.nette.org/109/jquery.ajaxform.js

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Not sure why you are using $('#calendarId').load(...), but have you tried doing it like

    type: 'POST',
    url: 'calendar.php',
    data: $('#checkboxes').serialize(),
    success: function(response) {
        // handle the response here
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Thanks to Tom who found the answer. The data could be extracted from $checkboxes as a two dimensional array: parse_str($_POST['check'], $checkboxes); $firstElement = $checkboxes['check'][0]; I was also trying to use the same method to collect the return values of the POST from the jquery as had been working for GET. The correct jQuery command was: $("#calendarId").load($.post("calendar.php",{check: $("form#checkboxes").serialize()}, function(data) { $("#calendarId").html(data); })); which replaces everything in calendarId with the contents of the return value; –  user1355576 Apr 25 '12 at 12:59

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