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I've got to some unstandart situation, with html markup. Currently using two floating divs

     width: 200px;
     float: left;

     float: left;

the problem is that Firefox moves second div to next line, onle it's content is larger than page width -200px. How to resolve this issue to fit second div rest of page space without max-width property, because my content is displayed in differen res monitors from 1024 to 1980 px width. Happens currently only in Firefox.

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If you’ve got a parent container you could give that padding-left: 200px and .navigation { margin-left: -200px; }. That way you could get rid of float: left; on content as it’ll always be padded in by the parent.

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Voted, yeap, I know that hack, but want to make more clear solution, still using floating divs. –  Johnny_D Apr 25 '12 at 12:58

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